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X for cross country.

This is the new alloy crankset in our way for the modern xc bikes.
Sister of the R2 type, it is born to have lightness (as much as it’s possible) and simplicity
After some month of iteration between shapes and FEM, we reached this new “radical as clean” and definitive structure for this new crankset: 2 drilled “tubes” at sides and a machined matrix for a perfect stifness/weight ratio in aluminum cnc’d cranksets.
Compatible with any of our chainrings and spindles


Kettenblatt muss separat bestellt werden (nicht inkl.)


  • Länge: S/M/L

    Gewicht: 462 Gramm (mit Achse ohne Kettenblatt)

    Achse: 30 mm (BSA kompatibel, PF92 und BB30 in 2 Breiten, L131 (K-Factor 91.5) und L136 (K-Factor e 96.5))

    Kompatibel mit allen INGRID Kettenblättern.


    Bei Fragen stehen wir jederzeit gerne zur Verfügung:

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