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Welcome to the Revel Rover.


A gravel bike from Revel?! Yep, we’re better known for our shreddy mountain bikes with legendary CBF suspension, but a little known fact is most of us here at Revel ride gravel bikes at least as much as we ride mountain bikes. We’re also the same people behind Why Cycles and their R+, so we like to think we know a thing or two about designing high end, modern gravel bikes. Really, we’re materials geeks at heart, and we always like to use the right material for the right application. However, gravel bikes are where the waters get a little muddy. We’ve been riding the titanium R+ since we launched it in 2016 and it has gotten glowing reviews, but we all wanted a carbon version too.


We knew we could make a pretty neat gravel bike by taking full advantage of the ability to shape carbon exactly how we want and truly optimize the ride quality.



  • Revel Rover Frame
  • Revel Gravel Fork 12×100 47mm
  • Revel Headset IS42/IS52
  • Sram UDH Derailleur Hanger
  • Revel Seat Collar 31.8mm
  • Revel Gravel Front Axle 12x119mm
  • Revel UDH Gravel Rear Axle 12x166mm


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